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Grinderscape is a MMORPG video game based on Runescape Private Server open source project that has been lanuched on March, 8, 2008; The game has many custom features such as 100x faster EXP Rates, Custom Items Such As Dragon Whip, Active PKing, Revenants Area, Custom Home area, Improved Slayer Skill, 25 Bosses & much More. In 2013 the game has already reached 1M registered members, and peaked to a total of ~15,000 unique daily logins on game.

Omizzy is being developed to become a global job hiring platform. The platform will allow employees and employers to make job finding easier than ever. Part time, Full time, and Internship jobs will be available including user profile, company profile, with many other features. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

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