What do popular brands like Starbucks, Netflix, and Coke have in common?

The Pivotal Role of Digital Marketing Post-2020: A Glimpse into a Transformative Era

Hey there, dear reader! Ever stopped to wonder why you see videos of that aromatic Starbucks coffee popping up on your Instagram feed? Or how Netflix has an uncanny knack for recommending shows that, let’s admit it, eat up our weekends? And don’t even get me started on those thirst-quenching Coca-Cola ads. So, what’s the secret sauce behind these brands?

What do popular brands like Starbucks, Netflix, and Coke have in common?

Well, apart from a fantastic branding team, they’ve hopped onto the most dynamic bandwagon of the 21st century – digital marketing. Post-2020, the world was never the same. From the way we shop, work, and even connect, everything moved online, bringing digital marketing front and center.

The Magic Behind The Screen

You see, it’s not just about putting out an ad or two. It’s about engaging content. The brands we just talked about? They’ve mastered the art of grabbing your attention, not with just any content, but with content that resonates. Videos, stories, memes – content that makes you click, share, and engage. And the rewards? More followers, higher engagement, and a dramatic uptick in sales.

But here’s the real kicker: this digital alchemy isn’t just reserved for the big leagues. With a dash of creativity and a sprinkle of effort, this magic can be tapped into by any business.

A Personal Dive Into The Digital Pool

Let me share a bit of my journey with you. After 2020, I founded Commercle, a marketing agency that believes in the immense power of digital. But that’s not all. At Commercle, it’s not just about digital marketing. It’s about sustainable digital marketing. We’ve wholeheartedly embraced the digital age and its perks. From reducing our carbon footprint by eliminating unnecessary travel to going paperless in our operations, we’re proving that you can be effective and eco-friendly at the same time. After all, in a world that’s rapidly changing, shouldn’t our marketing strategies evolve too?

So, Where To Next?

If there’s one thing I’ve realized, it’s that the digital realm is vast and brimming with opportunities. However, diving into it without a plan can be overwhelming. Remember those actionable, doable promotional videos I mentioned earlier? Yep, they require strategy, creativity, and a keen understanding of your audience.

If this feels daunting, don’t sweat it. That’s where professional agencies, like Commercle, come into play. And guess what? We’re offering free consultations to guide you through the maze that is digital marketing.

So, whether you’re a business owner looking to upscale your brand or a curious reader pondering the intricacies of the digital world, remember this: the future is digital, and with the right tools and strategies, it’s yours for the taking. Until next time, keep innovating, keep engaging, and most importantly, keep evolving.

Rashed Al Sheikh

I work on startups, eCommerce platforms, and game studio projects that aim to generate high revenues. We try to bring technology products that solve problems and enhance capabilities. The recipe for succeeding is knowing your demographics, your audience, why people need your services, and the economics of your place, Founder of GrinderScape which compelled over 1M registered members, and 15,000 unique daily logins. I also work and focus on real estate and cryptocurrency investments on the side.