Why Sleeping 8 Constant Hours Is Important

Many of us have ignored the fact of the need of constant sleep in our life. Based on research conducted by the Harvard Medical School that people tend to get 4-5 hours’ average of sleep which makes them feel messed up the next morning. However, apart from affecting the productivity of the next day, there are various other negative impacts of improper sleep. It can sometimes brag out your cognitive thinking, beauty, creativity, productivity, immunity, and decision making. Furthermore, the frequent changes in the body can lead to serious health hassles such as diseases, obesity, and more.

Want more reasons for why to sleep 8 constant hours a day is vital? Let’s take you on a quick tour of the importance and benefits of proper sleep shared below.

  1. You Enter into The Deep Sleep State:

REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement, after sleeping for a constant of 90 minutes you start having intense dreams which are helpful to refresh your mind, clear all the toxic waste from the neurons, and improve the overall functionality of the brain. The rule of thumb is to sleep for at least six to seven hours of constant sleep to receive the maximum benefits.

  1. Sharpens Brain and Improves Overall Productivity:

It is a fact that running down on relaxation and enoughsleep causes trouble in remembering the details. This is the reason why eventhe researchers say that sleep plays a very significant role in sharpeningmemory and learning things as well. Enough sleep allows your brain to catch upand store the memories so you can pull afterward when required. This means youwill be able to make better decisions and focus on your main tasks.Furthermore, it plays a significant role in improving the creativity of thebrain. This is a result of the connections made in dreams within the neurons.

  1. Helps in Reducing Stress:

Obviously, when you are not done with your sleep then itleads to stress. The functioning of the body gets affected which causes issueslike high blood pressure, building up of stress hormones. Further, such healthconcerns increase the chances of heart strokes making it quite stubborn to fallasleep, and in some circumstances, it can cause you to become paranoid.

So, focus on the outlook of your life, make a routine ofsleeping early and you will be safe from such health risks.

  1.  Improves Your Looks and Beauty:

It can sound quite astonishing, but the fact that sleepdeprivation causes paler skin, wrinkles, bloodshot eyes, and darker skin underthe eyes. A recent BBC study research shows people who miss out on sleep doappear less attractive to others. A couple of bad nights is enough to make aperson look significantly uglier.

  1. Boosts Immune System:

The immune system tends to release compounds calledcytokines when you are in sleeping mode. Such cytokines protect the immunesystem and help in dealing with infections and inflammation of every kind. Thismeans having less sleep will cause your immunity system to drop which can causeyou to become sick and decrease your productivity.


Ironically, it can be hard torealize that cutting back on sleep, we are decreasing cognitive thinking,creativity, productivity, immunity, and even decision making.

All these are the benefits that can be availed by gettingthe proper 8 hours of sleep a day. Now the question comes of how you will buildgood sleeping habits. Begin with scheduling your sleep, exercising regularly,avoiding stimulants, and tracking your sleep.  Getting enough quality sleep is a key to astress-free and healthy lifestyle. Also, it is never too late, to begin with,anything. So, keep all these hacks in mind and give yourself good sleephygiene.

Some extra tips for a night of good sleep:

  • Drink a cup of room temperature water to keep your body hydrated.
  • Gently brush your teeth to wake up with fresh hygiene.
  • Avoid using your mobile phone 30 minutes prior to sleep.
  • Always try to sleep and wake up at the same time.
  • Keep your room airflow going, as the more oxygen in the room the better.

Don’t forget to drink a cup of room temperature water whenyou first wake up 😊

Rashed Al Sheikh

I work on startups, eCommerce platforms, and game studio projects that aim to generate high revenues. We try to bring technology products that solve problems and enhance capabilities. The recipe for succeeding is knowing your demographics, your audience, why people need your services, and the economics of your place, Founder of GrinderScape which compelled over 1M registered members, and 15,000 unique daily logins. I also work and focus on real estate and cryptocurrency investments on the side.